Bradwell Wendy Is Continuing For Free!
Wendy, believe it or not, started in 1987, (well before T'internet came along!) with the 1st station at Bradwell, in the Peaks. I worked out that I could create a talking telephone weather station that you could ring up, and it would read out the winds etc to you. It would cost about £2000 to build, and I didn't HAVE £2000 spare, (and the club would not pay for it, although it had £10k in the bank at the time).

Anyway, we got it done by popular subscription, and it has continued there for the past 30-odd years. There were 25 of them round the country at the peak of the service, but I could not keep them up, due to cost and ill health, but, as Bradwell is local to me, and I have a bunch of spare parts left over, I have decided to keep it running as long as I can. It is not on the Internet yet, (and may not be, we'll see how much time I have to devote to it)

However you can phone it on this number:


I have arranged an internet service on the line, but I am not sure what sort of speed it will have, or how reliable it will be, right out there at the gliding club, but I will test it and see.

If it works well, I will put a webcam on the mast, looking North along the ridge towards the HG/PG takeoff (that way the sun will not get in the lens and cause flare) but it should give a good idea of conditions and activity of aircraft on the ridge.

Any queries, you can email us at:


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